Straw Sleeves

  • $12.00

Now there really is no excuse, carry your reusable straw with you everywhere you go!

These Standard size straw sleeves are made from 100% Romanian manufactured Hemp fabric.

2 colors are offered: Natural & Black

The standard size fits an eight or nine inch reusable straw. Small dots and decorations will fit as well as the bended styles of straws. More sizes are available.

Stainless steel straws or glass straws will not slip out of the sleeves due to the special design, but will easily dispense the straw when you squeeze from the bottom of the sleeve.

The triple stitched, self lined design has an invisible “inner cuff” that keeps straws from falling out, yet provides easy access without a need for fasteners. These sleeves launder easily by machine or by hand and are proven to hold up to repeated and frequent washings.

StrawSleeves made by hand in California, USA.